Hair Prep

Thank you for booking!

Here are a few hair prep instructions that'll help you have an awesome experience and result in the salon. 

Curly Cut Guests

  • Come clean & detangled 

  • 1-2 day old wash & go

  • Use a light amount of styling gel

  • No oils, butters or greasy products in hair

  • No braids, ponytails, twists or twistouts

The idea is for me to see your skill level of a wash & go and to see your hair pattern in its natural fall so you can get the best results. 

Style Guests

  • Come detangled 

  • Free of braids & twists

No matted hair or dreaded hair

Keep in mind that how you come into the salon will determine the outcome.  As stated in the salon policies please follow all hair prep instructions. When we have to remove braids or do other than a light finger detangle it really takes away from your salon experience and cuts into other guests experiences as well.  There is a detangling fee associated with this.