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Salon Policies


When booking your appointment through Square, pay attention to the information that you provide when creating your profile. 

Please add your debit/credit card on file. Your card will not be charge unless a cancellation/booking fee is due or we have consent to charge you remotely for services etc. Pop Up appointments are to be 50% paid during booking and are non refundable but they can be credited towards a future appointment

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to provide your best contact cellular number and a personal (not work) email. 

You will receive a confirmation text and email from Square for your scheduled appointment day.  

Square will first notify you to confirm your scheduled appointment day 72 hours, then 24 hours, and then the last 2 hours before your scheduled appointment day.

If you confirm your scheduled appointment day on either of those reminders Square will note that your appointment has been CONFIRMED by you.


If you have NOT PAID YOUR BOOKING FEE OR CONFIRMED your scheduled appointment day by the time the last 24 hour reminder, YOUR APPOINTMENT MAY BE CANCELLED, as it was not confirmed by you.



I book a solid amount of time for each client and always appreciate 48 hours notice in the event you would like to cancel so that I may offer the time to another client.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  If you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment you will have to wait until the next booking schedule becomes available. You are welcome to frequently check the online booking scheduler for last minute openings due to cancellations or reschedules. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CANCEL &/OR REBOOK ONLINE.



If you are any of the following- sick, have cold like symptoms, have the flu, have flu like symptoms, feel under the weather, DO NOT come into the salon.

If you have traveled to any of the countries affected by the Coronavirus I urge you to contact me PRIOR to your scheduled appointment.

I have the responsibility to keep my guests safe & healthy, along with my family & myself safe & healthy. You, the client, & myself have to both play our parts in keeping EVERYONE SAFE.

At the time of your appointment if you present any visible illness or respiratory symptoms I will NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO YOU. You will be kindly asked to LEAVE & RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT. I have the liberty to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you do come to your appointment sick.

I myself am a working mother of 2 very busy children and on very rare occasions, I may have to cancel and reschedule your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. If this should happen, I will make every effort to move your appointment to an alternative time.


I'm only taking 1-2 guests in the salon at a time and ask that you wait in the hall until I am finished with the previous guest. I always use EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant after every client that comes in the salon. My salon tools are also sanitized in the same solution. I'll also be spraying even all touched surfaces after each guest. 


When you enter the salon you'll need to wash your hands & use the sanitizer provided as a preventative measure  before I start providing your services. To reduce the number of touched surfaces, please leave your purses and bags in your car or at home. Phone and keys ONLY!  This will be salon COVID-19 protocol until further notice.

If I do not feel well, I will not come to work to expose everyone to what I have. I urge you as guests to be courteous & mindful to do the same. If you are presenting symptoms of being sick or having respiratory illness when you come in for your appointment I will NOT be able to service you. This is especially important for those who travel from far way to receive services. I will kindly ask you to leave & will reschedule you when you are feeling fully well.


Please be patient with the new procedures as they require more time for sanitizing.  Service times may also be longer because it's very difficult to breathe with a mask on for 6-10 hours everyday. 


Keep in mind that I have the liberty to cancel your services for that day if you do decide to come in for your services sick. That is out of courtesy & respect for my family, myself, & my other guests. 

To conclude, you MUST reschedule your appointments if you are any of the following: sick, have cold like symptoms, have the flu, have flu like symptoms, feel under the weather, or have respiratory illness. 

If you ignore this policy and show up sick your appointment WILL BE cancelled without fail and you WILL have to pay for the appointment.

*UPDATE: As of 5th April 2023 mask are optional for the guest and stylist. This may change without warning at anytime.




If you're running late please email me. If you are 15 minutes + late to your scheduled appointment you 'll either have to wait an be put into the rotation, shorten your appointment because I may not be able to squeeze in due to your tardiness or you may have to reschedule.

The time allotted for my appointments is for my guests to have the best experience with me. I have to ensure that my next guest's appointment will be accommodated on time so my late policy is as stated above. 



No show appointments will NOT be tolerated. 

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment day, that is considered a no show appointment. The no show will be noted and you will be charged 100% in Square. 

To be able to schedule future appointments, a full 100% non-refundable deposit for the no show appointment PLUS the requested appointment will be required when requesting to book and that is non-negotiable or you'll be blocked from the system.  



All new guests are required to book a New Guest service and pay booking fee. If you have not had in salon services in over 4 months, a New Guest service is required for rebooking. NO EXCEPTIONS




A non-refundable $50,$100 or 50% appointment booking fee is DUE BEFORE booking services that cost $100+  or within 2 hours of receiving your invoice. Be sure to read the service description to see if it's required.

Your booking fee will go towards your scheduled service. The remaining balance of your service will be due at the time of your appointment. 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: If your deposit is not paid in the allotted 2 hour time frame, your appointment will be automatically cancelled and offered to another client. 

Please take note of the appointment booking fee return policy. 

If you provide 48 hours or more of notice of cancellation of your scheduled appointment time your booking fee will be credited to your salon account for future appointments . 

If there is less than 48 hours within cancelling your scheduled appointment time, your appointment deposit is non refundable and the late cancellation fee will be charged.

If your late cancellation/no show fee isn't paid then you will be blocked from booking another appointment with the salon, 



These are the Freshly Rooted Salon policies and are subject to change without notice. Thank you for understanding.

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